The Story of a Photographer

Hi there! I'm Hayat - the founder of Photo Art Studio, a Kawasaki rider, a photographer and also a videographer. Photography has been a huge blessing in my life, and I am forever grateful that I stumbled upon this passion. My style is vibrance and romantic. I'm inspired by soft color palettes and soft textures, and I positively swoon over soft, golden light. In fact, I'm always chasing that dreamy light that transforms even the most ordinary location into something extraordinary.  

Whenever asked what my favorite part of the wedding day is, it’s almost impossible to decide. I love it all. I love the anticipation while getting ready, and then watching all the nerves melt away as soon as you see each other for the first time. I love your intimate moments, your relatives and your family traditions, I love the portraits and the candids, the details and the scenery, the laughing and the crying, and most of all I love the love. Simply put, I love moments. I love capturing the moments between those just starting their love story, as well as those who are celebrating years of love together. Whatever your story, I pour my whole heart into capturing your love story and I strive to create exquisite, swoon-worthy images for you to treasure for a lifetime.

"I promise to find art where there may be none,

I promise to try to become it if absolutely none exists. 

I will live in a manner in which I look back 

and know I chased two things throughout:

all the light, all the grace."

Tyler Knott Gregson